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At the Tip of Your Fingers

Six Benefits of telemental/online counseling 

▪Research has shown it to be as effective as in person therapy  ▪Allows you to receive service in a convenient way via phone, laptop or computer  ▪Saves time as you can have your session from anywhere  ▪There are several platforms that are HIPAA compliant which help ensures your privacy ▪ You do not have to settle with seeing a therapist just because they are the only one in your area ▪Removes the stigma of seeking mental health services and being seen going to a therapist.  
While there are some drawbacks and it may not be suitable for everyone; most people can engage well in online counseling. 

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Stress/Anxiety/Depression: Quick tip

1. Breathe in (4 seconds): Allows you to give oxygen to every cell in your body to help them produce energy. 2. Breathe out (6 seconds): Allows you to get rid of toxins and carbon dioxide from your body. 3. Repeat (4 more times):  Practice makes perfect. 
Cortisol is a hormone in our bodies often known as the stress hormone as it is released when you sense fear or stress. Too much cortisol can lead to mental and physical illness. Deep breathing can help you manage some of the negative effects. 

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Therapy Myth Buster 

You don't need to be crazy to see a therapist, you just need to have life happen. Relationships/life transitions that cause feelings of stress, anger, sadness, shame, doubt or anxiousness, etc. Give yourself permission to get the tools to help you deal.        ~Birch Light Perspective LLC ~ 

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